Jeffrey Lord: Will the 2012 Election Get Violent?

Unfortunately, I think we all know the answer to that question.

From The American Spectator, Jeffrey Lord posted an excellent article on the history of leftist protests…and violence.

Will the 2012 campaign get violent?

The shootings at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. and the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin are a stark and bloody reminder those two groups have now joined a long and frightening list.

That list is centuries long, spans not just America but the globe, and is a blunt warning that the Left is and has always been routinely violent when not all too frequently murderous. As President Reagan noted in 1981 of the Communists running the then-Soviet Union, Leftists “reserve unto themselves the right to commit any crime….”

Sometimes the target of that crime is one person, at other times a group, a religion, a class or, at its worse, an entire race.

But make no mistake.

The central driving idea of the Obama era has been, in the words of that famous 2009 Newsweek cover story, “We’re All Socialists Now”.

And violence in the name of socialism, much less anything further left on the ideological scale, has been as routine as hot weather in July. This is what the Left does.

You can read the rest HERE. I strongly encourage it.

Prepare to see everything unfold over the next 77 days.