An Aye for an Aye

What is the price for an “aye” today? Is it a big contribution from a lobbyist? Is it an anonymous donor? Is it a fawning media?

What, exactly, is the price for an “aye”? Moreover, what should it be?

Do we expect plaudits, slaps on the back by fellow “legislators”, a hand shake from across the aisle, or do we expect nothing in return? What, exactly, is the standard for an “aye”?

Does it command a price that exceeds a “nay”? Does it assume we’re in the know and won’t register a complaint?

Please tell me. How, exactly, do we value an “aye”, or, for that matter, how do we value a “nay”?

I don’t normally use terms like “aye” and “nay”. Who does? Those terms are a throwback to the distant history of our legislatures, which the left loves to disdain. So why do they persist?

Why does a “nay” count less that a “you lie”? Who, exactly, determines the proper scope of an “aye”, when one’s constituents expect a “nay”.

Hey, I’m just asking questions. When are we going to see a “hell nay”? When are we going to see an “aye” for a “nay”, or an “aye” for a “hell aye”?

This is so troubling to me. I’d rather see a “fuck you” than a “nay”, in the course of the legislature’s deliberative gestations. I’d rather see a “screw you and the horse you rode in on”, that a limp-wristed “aye”, for putting legislation at bay.

I guess I was never cut out to a member of the “aye-nay” club. I’d choose better words that put the emphasis on vulgarity. Why not? We’re currently not achieving anything with an “aye” for an “aye”.