Mark Steyn on the Kimberlin saga

As this story gains more and more traction (and attention), it’s noteworthy to point out who, exactly, is paying attention. Mark Steyn wrote a very succinct piece on “The Corner” at National Review Online, titled “Bozo the Jurist”. In it, he said:

Over the years, I’ve faced unsympathetic judges in various courts around the world, but I can’t recall ever listening to such a stream of unjudicial drivel from the bench as that which poured from Judge Vaughey.

You can read the whole thing HERE. Mark Steyn has an amazing way with words!

If you haven’t been paying attention, you can get caught up via Stacy McCain at “The Other McCain”. Beware, however. What you read will be very, very hard to believe, despite the fact that it’s all true!