The American Gestapo, aka the IRS


I am so disgusted with everything going on in Washington right now. I’m disgusted with the Obama administration and its continuing assault on our liberties. I’m disgusted with all things relating to Congress, both the House and Senate. What the hell are they doing there? They sure as hell aren’t representing “We, the People”!

Not only do we have to continue to watch the unfolding scandal of Benghazi, we have to beg the Speaker of the House to begin a special, select committee to investigate all there is to be found. Speaker Boehner sits in his office on Capital Hill and does absolutely nothing! Nothing! Not only is the guy a complete failure as a Speaker, he has no balls! He wields immense Constitutional power to reign in the Executive branch and he does nothing!

Now comes the latest scandal with the IRS. Excuse me, the American Gestapo. They are acting like partisan hacks for Obama! I know what’s going on. Over the last 20-30 years, we’ve allowed government jobs to become tenured at all levels. The liberal radicals have slowly infiltrated all levels of government. They just needed a Marxist crony in the White House, which they now have.

Unbridled radicalism and a Marxist fervor has unleashed them!

We know that sleeper cells of radical Islamists will lie in wait for years before blowing something up. Why do you think the same thing couldn’t happen with our “civil servants” in Washington?

The sad truth is that it already has. We’re just now starting to see the results!

Downward Mobility and the Welfare State

I’m loath to attribute liberalism to the downward spiral of civilization and a purposeful rise in the welfare state. No one, I repeat, no one can possibly ascribe to an ideology that is predicated on the complete collapse of civil society.

So, what is it? Why does liberalism and it’s kindred cousin, Marxism, continue to pursue policies that seem to work against their own interests and that of society at large? Why is there such a lurch to accept government-run programs that seem to reinforce bad choices on the part of its beneficiaries?

A recent article by Russ Douthat of NY Times suggests that liberals are just now beginning to examine what the effects of their policies really are.
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Oh Come, all Ye Marxists!

I am sick and tired of left-wing pundits carrying water for Barack Obama. I give you evidence of a common theme that I can only describe as Marxist! Why else would they support Obama??

Chris Matthews

“Based upon the rhetoric, you’d think the president was a radical lefty and not the center-left politician he actually is based on the record, but then do people care on the right about reality?”

Janeane Garofalo

Keith Olbermann

Harry Reid

Nancy Pelosi
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What this country is up against.

The BS is starting to flow. This is an attempt to denigrate and marginalize the Tea Party and everyone else who believes that our Constitution still matters.

I truly hate the mainstream media! Why celebrate the demise of one of our most-cherished documents and one that has stood the test of time for 200+ years? This dillweed only thinks about the Constitution within the context of how it can be used to control society.

There’s a reason I cancelled my subscription to Time Magazine 20 years ago. This guy and his ilk ruined that magazine. Tom Brokaw pretty much killed off NBC when he anchored the Nightly News.