The Roderic Deane Show: Congressman Michael Burgess

Here is the monologue from today’s show:

Hailing from Texas, I’ve always wanted to interview my Congressman and today’s the day you get to hear that conversation. I spoke with Dr. Michael Burgess, of the 26th District in Texas, last Thursday evening. I’ve found myself limited in the ability to book guests for a live show, so I’ve started to compensate with pre-recorded interviews, which I’ve done recently and will continue to do so. Since most of you listen to this show as a podcast anyway, I thought it better to provide the content than the push to have it live.

Although I’ve met Congressman Burgess in the past, I only recently spoke with him about coming on the show. I first broached the idea at a rally for Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, just before Ted’s run-off election on July 31st, which Ted won decisively! I saw the Congressman again at a local GOP event and was able to nail down the details for my interview.

Then, at a local Republican Club meeting, I had the good fortune of meeting a young man, only 13 years-old, that was as plugged into politics as anyone I’ve ever met. He first became interested in politics when he was 9 and he’ll be joining me live after my interview with Congressman Burgess to provide his unique perspective.

I had originally hoped to bring you my conservation with Chuck Heath Sr and Jr about their new book, “Our Sarah – Made in Alaska”, but as it turns out, the publisher embargoed any discussion of the book until after 10:00pm tomorrow. That is immediately after father and son will be on the Hannity Show to discuss the book.

Oh well, I can’t really complain about deferring to Hannity and those of you tuning into Hannity can come over here right afterwards to hear my interview as well. How’s that sound?

In the meantime, take a listen to my interview with Congressman Burgess. He was brimming with disgust from the appalling lack of honesty in the wake of the attack on and murder of our Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens. This outrage over the lack of security and failure to react to the advance warning of impending trouble is a major indictment of Obama’s failed foreign policy. Blaming the violence on some ridiculous movie is absurd and only serves to give more attention to the movie than it deserves.

You can listen to the show HERE.