Mitch Daniels, say goodbye!

As the Republican field of potential nominees begins to come to the forefront, we learn that Mitch Daniels doesn’t believe he is ready to debate Obama on foreign policy. Say what? And he wants to run for the Presidency?

According to Ramesh Ponnuru at National Review Online:

His foreign-policy details are TBD. Daniels said that “it cannot be illegitimate to ask” if some of the country’s military commitments should be unwound, but he has not yet reached any conclusions about which should be—or, at least, any he is willing to share. On Afghanistan he refuses to second-guess the decisions of the president, to whose greater access to information he defers. On Libya he says only that he has not seen the case for intervention made. One gets the impression of someone who is much more cautious about foreign intervention than Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty, but also cautious about saying so. He was asked if he were ready to debate President Obama on foreign policy. “Probably not.” (He is candid.)

Candid? How about idiotic? Hot Air commented on this article by adding:

Those words were uttered roughly 36 hours after Obama announced to the world that Bin Laden had finally been liquidated. On Monday, the day after the raid, Jennifer Rubin contacted Daniels’s office for reaction to Bin Laden’s killing and received … a no-comment.

Wake up Republicans! You’re being fed a line of crap from the lamestream media about this guy. And Dick Armey thinks the Tea Party will embrace him? Sorry Dick Armey, but you’re hitching your cart to the wrong candidate.