Sarah feigns neglect, media scrambles to counter

Sarah Palin has played the lamestream media like a fiddling fool. Without so much as a hint of remorse, she has embarked on her “One Nation” tour in defiance of the lamestream media’s template. No, she won’t tell them where she’s going. No, she could care less if they follow her during her journey. And no, she won’t be badgered into announcing her candidacy for the Republican nomination until she’s damned ready.

While I’m not trying to be sexist, why do we wait for a woman to announce an assault on Obama? Doesn’t the existing field contain some men? Or maybe it just doesn’t contain “manly” men. You know, the type that actually inspires their followers into battle?

I want a fighter and, so far, I don’t see anyone besides Sarah ready to take up the charge.