With an absence of time…

We all have to manage our day, our week and our lives with the time available to us. It often puts tremendous constraints on what we can or can’t do. We must make choices and prioritize to make sure that our primary goals are met.

This is no different than one who chooses to run for President of the United States. The difference is that your choices in prioritizing your time are broadcast to the entire world. In addition, the entire world is now second-guessing your choices based on their own priorities. Would you want someone else that you don’t know to second-guess your priorities?

Sarah Palin was faced with a choice this week. “Do I invest my time with the Iowa Tea Party event or don’t I?” The event organizers have seemed to be extremely amateurish in their efforts and if I was Sarah, I would have wondered WTF?

An unconventional campaign means that you’re not always in control of events. What you have to insist on, however, is total control of your message. That maxim has to guide everything you do. If you allow someone else to diminish your message, you’re TOAST!

The Iowa Tea Party organizers started to see visions of grandeur. They thought that they could snap their fingers and anyone, ANYONE, would take them up on their invitation to speak. They had no idea what they had really done, which was to provide Sarah Palin supporters with a forum that allowed them to express their belief in her message.

Sarah Palin is seriously considering a run for the Republican nomination. She is trying to determine if she can prioritize what limited time she has to do that. It’s just like you and I. We have goals, we have existing priorities, and we have to determine how we can pursue other goals without diminishing our existing ones. It is no small feat, as we’ve all learned!

How would you like it if Laura Ingraham and Bill O’Reilly decided to re-prioritize your decision-making process? Do they have time to give you? When you’re faced with an absence of time, do you let other people tell you what to do?

I didn’t think so.