The hate from the left is palpable!

I was alerted to this comment on a pro-Sarah Palin blog. The hate that is spewed from the left is stunning. I’m going to post this idiot’s entire comment, with name.

U will pay…..

and sarah palin will pay as well!!!

letting that lil’ retarded baby of hers live is a sin!!!

he can’t function in this world!!! someone needs to spare him the sad life he has!!

just drown him in the bathtub!!! it’s easy to fake!! or give him a gun to play with in bed! one shot to the head, and he’s sent to Heaven!!!

but no angel should have to do sarah’s job…. so her murder will let her in to Heaven to raise this cripple. then she can go to Satan and do his bidding….. — rorycalhoun27

Folks, this is not representative of the country I grew up in. Sure, there was discrimination, but it doesn’t seem to have improved. The targets now are the innocent victims of the haters’ argument against life. How many George Washingtons and Abraham Lincolns have been aborted in the last 20 years? In my mind, one too many.