I’m sitting here thinking, how have we gotten to the point we’re now at?

Must we keep beating our heads against the proverbial wall in wonder?

Have we totally abdicated our responsibilities to this:

And, do we have to stand for this:

Folks, I’m getting more and more pissed off by the minute!


Pelosi’s “Drive for 25″

Per the San Francisco Chronicle’s online site, SFGate, we learn that Nancy Pelosi has been spending a LOT of time fundraising. The concern is, to what end?

…the former House speaker believes, not only in the war to hold the White House, but to boost the “Drive for 25,” her mission to gain at least 25 House seats in November’s election and return control of the House of Representatives to Democrats.

In Tuesday’s primary election in California, Pelosi is being challenged in San Francisco’s 12th Congressional District by three other Democrats, a Green Party candidate and Republican John Dennis, a leading supporter of Ron Paul, a Texas congressman and 2012 GOP presidential candidate.
That is a long way from June 2, 1987, when, as a mother of five and former California Democratic Party chair, Pelosi won her first House campaign in San Francisco. That big day came after Pelosi’s longtime friend and mentor, Rep. Sala Burton, endorsed the 47-year-old candidate before dying of cancer and who, according to California Democratic Party Chair John Burton, believed Pelosi would be the first female House speaker.

Okay, she’s done the thing her mentor “prophesied”. Time to take the money and run…RETIRE NOW!