Standing on the Brink of…?

Fill in the blank! As the NFL kicks off it’s first full weekend of games, I’m left wondering…is the electorate more worried about their favorite NFL team, or are they worried about this year’s election?

We’re standing on the brink, the cusp, the edge of the cliff, or whatever metaphor you wish to use. Or, am I merely being reactionary? After all, for the first time in my memory, the NFL is under assault. There are too many concussions, too many debilitating injuries, too much violence for this game to continue. In other words, the NFL is based on too much individual choice. Think about it. Aren’t most NFL players college graduates? Aren’t they cognizant of the risks of playing at the professional level?

How many people throughout our history have taken chances and risked life and limb? What about miners? What about loggers? What about the men and women that help to enforce our laws? Should we outlaw those jobs as an unnecessary risk? What about the men and women in uniform that lay their lives on the line to help secure our freedom? Is THAT an unnecessary risk?

Life is fraught with risk. It defines what it means to be human. There will always be risk-takers that see great rewards if they can transcend the risk of their actions.

What does it say of our society when we no longer take risks? And what does it say of our society that champions those that take risks, like in the NFL?