The Intolerance of Islam

Political correctness has propped up Islam as a “peaceful” religion. Unfortunately, that description is quite far from the truth. Islam could only be described as peaceful when its radical elements cease to exist, and that seems unlikely. Whether we want to admit it or not, the current conflict between radical Islam and any other form of society, be it Christian or otherwise, is a religious one.

In Stacy McCain’s excellent post titled Why ‘Moderate Islam’ Is Doomed, he cites a recent, brutal event in Russia:

MOSCOW — A self-described guerrilla fighter urging strict adherence to Islamic law has claimed responsibility for the killing last month of one Muslim leader and the attempted murder of another, in Tatarstan, a region in central Russia that prides itself on a tradition of religious tolerance.

“On July 19, 2012, on my orders an operation was conducted against the enemies of Allah,” the guerrilla fighter, who identified himself as Muhammad, emir of the mujahedeen of Tatarstan, said in a video posted on an Islamist Internet site that focuses on the predominantly Muslim Caucasus region, including Chechnya.

In the video, he is shown sitting in the woods, with an automatic rifle propped against one knee. He specifically named the victims of the attack last month: Valiulla Yakupov, the cleric in charge of Islamic education in Tatarstan, who was shot and killed outside his home in Kazan, the regional capital; and Ildus Faizov, the chief mufti in the region, who survived a car-bomb attack less than an hour later.
“All praise Allah,” the jihadist, Muhammad, said in the video. “We believe the operation was a success.” He also warned of further violence against Muslim leaders who do not adhere to Shariah, the strict legal code of Islam based on the Koran.

“If any of the imams do not want or cannot carry out the points established by Shariah, they should leave their posts,” he said. “That way, you will be protected from the mujahedeen.”

Despite the best intentions of moderate Muslims, their religion furthers a template for world conquest as prescribed in the Koran. Bending over backwards to appease moderate elements of Islam is a fool’s errand. The sooner we have a leader in the White House that recognizes this fact, the better. Islam and Christianity will NEVER be able to coexist.