The Roderic Deane Show: The Reagan Library and Mark Levin

What follows is the monologue from today’s Roderic Deane Show:

The Reagan Library is a short drive north of LA. From where I was staying near Marina Del Rey, it was only about 50 miles or so to Simi Valley, the home of the library. Since I decided to visit on a Friday, the traffic was tolerable, despite the fact that it was Labor Day weekend.

As you move out of the Los Angeles area, you realize how arid that part of California truly is…and hilly! Coming from the Dallas area, the terrain was breathtaking. The highway meandered up, down and around the various hills. One thing that really struck me was how brown it was. Very little green could be seen for great distances and you quickly came to appreciate how important irrigation is to this part of California. Only the valleys have green areas, the hillsides and hilltops are virtually devoid of green vegetation. It helps you understand how much of a threat they live under with regard to wildfires. There’s certainly a lot of volatile tinder to burn!
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Jeffrey Lord: Why Ryan Terrifies the Left

In an excellent article appearing at The American Spectator, Jeffrey Lord identifies the source of Paul Ryan’s ability to electrify his audience and terrify the Left. His article begins:

Paul Ryan terrifies the American Left.

Which precisely explains the tones of hysteria coming from the Obama White House.

The real question is why the Chicago Thugs have suffered such a public meltdown over Mitt Romney’s choice of the young Wisconsin Congressman to be his vice-presidential running mate.

And there is an answer. Three specific answers, actually.

The author goes on to cite three main reasons in the form of three individuals:

Ronald Reagan

Jack Kemp

Mark Levin

What, you say? Mark Levin?

You can read the whole article HERE. I highly recommend it!

Obama ignores D-Day, unlike a noteworthy predecessor

As of the time of this post, there has not been a single word uttered by Barack Obama in remembrance of D-Day.

To compensate for Obama’s willful dismissal of our fathers’ and soldiers’ sacrifice, listen to the words of a real leader:


The White House website recycles Obama’s speech in Normandy from two years ago to recognize this year’s D-Day. I guess we can’t expect him to say more than he’s already said in the past, because I’m sure he believes his was the greatest speech ever given in commemoration of D-Day.

Defining a servant’s heart

What follows is the monologue from today’s The Roderic Deane Show:

Tell me, my friends, how do you define a servant’s heart? More importantly, how will we know when we see it?

For the record, I don’t currently entertain the thought of elective office. It’s not that I wouldn’t be willing to govern as a true servant for my constituents, it’s just that I’ve chosen a different path in life. I do try and carry a servant’s thoughts with me as I go about my job. The goal is to make things work for my clients and to do so in an ethical and honest fashion. In fact, I hold honesty as the very first ideal in my professional life. I figure that honesty will supply all the ethics I need.

But what about those who choose to govern? What standards should we expect of them?

From my standpoint, first and foremost should be honesty. As a constituent, I never want to be “spun”. I want the unvarnished truth about whatever circumstances an official was elected to deal with. If stuff ain’t workin’, tell me! I’m a big boy, but I can only deal with the truth. I need to know the facts to advise my response, not bullshit, sorry, I meant spin. Continue reading

Correlating school grades with leadership

I just read a piece on the Daily Caller titled “Does academic achievement bring Oval Office success?”

In this piece, the author states the following:

American University historian Allan Lichtman told The Daily Caller that he believes so [regarding the title].

“If you look at some of the least successful presidents,” he said, “they’re not exactly known for their [intellectual] prowess … Whereas the most brilliant of the presidents are all either very successful or at least reasonably successful.”

How, then, does one explain Jimmy Carter, thought to be smart but generally considered a not-so-great president? What of Ronald Reagan, media-cast as an “amiable dunce” but considered by many to be a historically great chief executive?

“Reagan was smarter than people give him credit for,” Licthman said. “It is a very rough correlation, and there will be exceptions, but overall it is a reasonable correlation.”

So, Reagan was basically an aberration. The author goes on to say:
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Marco Rubio speaks at the Reagan Library

After saving Nancy Reagan from falling, Marco Rubio delivered an inspiring speech at the Reagan Library yesterday. Although countless “Washington insiders” are suggesting Rubio for a VP bid, he’s not taking the bait. Folks, he’s only 40 years old! Let’s give him a little more time to get his sea legs.

(You might want to start and then pause this video. It seems to want to load very slowly. Giving it a chance to load several minutes may keep it from stopping while it plays.)

It’s the economy, stupid!

Monologue from today’s Roderic Deane Show…..

James Carville’s favorite phrase during Bill Clinton’s run for the White House in 1992 was “it’s the economy, stupid!” That kept the campaign focused on the economic situation at the time, which was no where near as bad as it is now. Those words are going to come back and haunt him next year, as we see a current economic environment that makes the situation in 1992 pale in comparison.

There has been so much bad economic news in the last few weeks, but one of the main indicators is the return of the phrase “misery index”. Back during the Carter years, the “misery index” was calculated by adding the current unemployment rate to the inflation rate. The current “misery index”, as measured at the end of May, was 12.7. Although that’s still a ways off from the Carter-era peak of 21.98, the trend is not good. We’ll talk more about that later in the show.

Another key indicator of a pending increase in the “misery index” is President Obama’s complete ignorance of what drives our economy. He said something this week that is absolutely amazing, blaming technology advancements for unemployment.

Here is what he said during an interview on NBC’s The Today show, and, as an aside, notice what he says to the camera following him as he is introduced, which, quite frankly, I’m surprised that NBC included in the clip:

[Audio clip of Obama blaming ATM’s for high unemployment – NBC’s The Today Show, June 14, 2011]

This is an astoundingly stupid thing to say. Why stop at ATMs? Why not blame the invention of the PC for current unemployment? Or, for that matter, the Internet? None of those things were around when I started my career in business and they have all been an amazing advancement in both our culture and business. There is not a businessman alive who would like to go back to the time before their existence and yet Obama does, or at least he blames technological advancements for his current economic policy failings.

This almost reminds me of Jimmy Carter’s famous “fireside chat” in 1977. I know that term is generally used to describe FDR’s radio broadcasts during WWII, but Jimmy Carter improved on the concept. He wore a cardigan sweater during a TV broadcast from the Oval Office to the American public while talking about energy. He sat in front of a roaring fire and lectured the American people about conserving energy, as if his policies had nothing to do with the energy shortages of the late 70’s.

I would be willing to bet you that Barack Obama never once took an economics class while he was in college. We’ll never know for sure, because he won’t release his college records while attending either Columbia University as an undergrad, or Harvard Law School as a graduate. It certainly does appear that he never bothered to study economics.

Ronald Reagan graduated from Eureka College in Illinois with majors in economics and sociology. It certainly showed during his Presidency, didn’t it?

This is why I think you’re going to hear the following refrain throughout the 2012 election cycle: “it’s the economy, stupid!” Because it is.

…and that’s my two-cents worth for the week.