So, What Now?

Here is the video of the last Roderic Deane Show. I apologize for the odd audio, but the actual show audio was distorted due to a bad microphone cable. It took a while to diagnose the problem after listening to it, but I’ve since been able to remedy the problem.

This audio was picked up from the video camera. Enjoy!

Gearing up for rVotes in Texas!

If you haven’t already heard, we’re putting on a major push to get rVotes deployed in Texas. We’re polishing the PowerPoints, getting in contact with advocacy and candidate organizations and taking names (in a good way)!

If you’re interested in joining our efforts, go to my rVotes page and send me a note. I’ll put you in contact with whomever you need to help bring rVotes to Texas, or whatever state you live in!

You can also connect with us through FreedomConnector, the networking tool created by FreedomWorks.

Good Grief!

I’m astounded by the apathy that exists within the general population.

Thank God for the Tea Party! As an avowed Tea Party member, although not an active one, I’m committed to taking our country back from the liberal mindset that has predominated our national discussion for the last 40 years.

Yes, we had a brief respit with Ronald Reagan and everything was hunky-dory, but the Left does not give up easily. So, we mobilize!

Check out rVotes! It’s the tool we need to empower the conservative grassroots and take our country back!

I’ve committed myself to get rVotes deployed in Texas. It will happen by the end of August.

Do you want to join me in the effort? Let me know here.

rVotes is Gaining Steam!

I had a great meeting with a fellow patriot and supporter of rVotes today! God willing, we’ll have rVotes deployed in Texas within the next 45 days.

If you don’t know about rVotes, check out this link:

I’m not getting paid by rVotes, I just want this technology in the hands of the grassroots, aka the Tea Party!

I’ll keep y’all up to speed with our progress.

As Texas goes, so should go the rest of the country.

rVotes: Is the Grassroots Ready to Take Complete Control?

I recently had an opportunity to interview Steven Adler, the creator of rVotes. I stumbled across him by virtue of a mutual acquaintance. As I began to do some research about both Steven and rVotes, I was blown away! This is exactly the technology that both the Tea Party and Sarah Palin conservatives can embrace to effect change in the coming election!

I interviewed Steven on the Roderic Deane Show a few weeks ago. Afterwards, I put together a video to highlight rVotes and provide a little bit of an introduction to its features.

This technology was ready to be deployed by Peter Singleton in Iowa, in the event that Governor Palin chose to run for the GOP nomination. Unfortunately, she chose otherwise, but rVotes should not be abandoned! If we put this infrastructure in place soon, we can empower the Palin movement to follow her lead, whether she’s running or not.

I’m going to keep you apprised of the status of rVotes. I’m working hard right now to get it up and running here in Texas. I hope to develop a template for how to do that in other states. It just takes a commitment!

If I sound like I’m a shill for rVotes, think otherwise. I am not paid by them, nor is C4P. We just recognize the power of the technology and understand that we need to embrace it fully. After all, the Dems have about a 10 year advantage on us!

If you’re interested in helping bring rVotes to YOUR state, contact me through by going to this page. A contact form is at the bottom. I’ll do everything I can to help you along. After all, we’re a team. Right?


Robocalling? Yep, rVotes can do that as well!

The inside scoop on rVotes with Steven Adler

I happen to think that rVotes might be the best thing to happen to the Tea Party and conservative, grassroots organizations in a long, long time, perhaps ever. We are way past the time where political consultants control all the levers in our elections. rVotes empowers the individual in a way never seen before.

I wanted to do a video version of the 2nd half of my conversation with Steven Adler to provide everyone with some additional, visual information about rVotes. Enjoy!

If you’re interested in learning more or you’re willing to add your name to my list of potential users of rVotes, you can contact me with the form below.

Interview with Steven Adler of rVotes

This is the monologue from my last show.

Steven Adler is someone that has a passion for DATA! I know a number of people that just love to be able to manipulate large volumes of data by virtue of their interests in computers. Steve has taken such a passion to a new level in the realm of politics. Steve Adler “invented” the modern-day vote canvassing software that has been so influential in the last two election cycles. Unfortunately, it’s been the Democrats that have benefited from this software, but that is now changing.

I had a chance to catch up with Steven over the past few weeks and he agreed to do an interview for the show. Keep in mind that Steve has a vested interest in our willingness to buy off on his latest project, but I think his motivations are true. He recognizes that he gave the Democrats an unfair advantage with his software and now his aim is to level the playing field to the benefit of grassroots organizers. Tea Party, are you listening?

I was able to snag Steven for a short conversation last week with the agreement that we would continue the conversation later. Steve had a lot of family obligations over the weekend, but I think you’ll enjoy our conversation.

You can listen to the whole show HERE.

Special note: I added my additional conversation with Steve Adler. I’ll be providing much more information about rVotes in the future.

Hey Tea Party, are you listening?

I interviewed Steven Adler last week about his new voter canvassing software known as rVotes. He is adamant about making this software available to the grassroots. To date, the RNC is not interested in anything they can’t control. That doesn’t mean rVotes is bad. It only means that the GOPe is wary of ANYTHING that takes control out of their hands.

Keep in mind that the DNC has been using Steven’s software for several voting cycles, to great effect. Steve defines himself as a radical moderate, with a mission to level the playing field through grassroots’ efforts.

Hey, isn’t that what the Tea Party is all about?

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BlogTalkRadio guest lineup…

I had the good fortune of speaking with two distinguished gentlemen last night. Both calls will be featured on the Roderic Deane Show.

I first spoke with Professor William Jacobson of the Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion blog. That interview will air on Sunday, July 1st at noon ET.

I then spoke with Steven Adler, the creator of rVotes, a vote canvassing software platform that is being dedicated to grassroots, center-right political efforts. His interview will air this Sunday at Noon ET. The show page for his episode is HERE.