Crony-Capitalism comes front and center

What follows is the monologue from today’s The Roderic Deane Show.

Well, well, well. It seems that Sarah Palin was prescient in her Iowa Tea Party speech a few weeks ago. All the news since then seems to be centered around crony capitalism. For the record, I suggested in a blog post immediately after her speech that I would not be surprised if Sarah’s speech became a topic of conversation amongst the other candidates. I wrote:

Sarah’s speech is going to have a profound impact on the current Republican candidates. It will be VERY interesting to see if any of them attempt to co-opt her ideas.

On my show the following day, I said this:

In a absolutely stunning idea, Sarah Palin proposed eliminating ALL corporate income tax, thereby removing the incentive behind crony-capitalism. I have no doubt that this will be scrutinized intensely on today’s Sunday news shows and well into next week, as it should be.

Well, I was wrong on one count. The conversation has lasted far more than one week. In fact, it played a big role in the Republican debate in Atlanta last Tuesday night. Of course, the main target was Rick Perry due to his front-runner status, but the topic of crony-capitalism has now come front and center. It has been the focus of debate on countless news programs and rightly so.
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