The Roderic Deane Show: Why Should Benghazi Matter?

Here is the monologue from today’s show:

Why should Benghazi matter? I’ve been stewing about that for the last month or so. I was horrified to see the pictures of Christopher Stevens being dragged out of the building in the aftermath of the attack. Worse yet is thinking about what they did to him in the 3 hours it took before he reached the hospital. I’ve heard some stories, but really don’t want to know anything further. It’s just too heartbreaking.

As more information comes to light, we now know how much of a hero Christopher Stephens and his staff were. They knew that security was bad, but traveled to Benghazi anyway, to help evacuate those staffing the consulate.
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The Suburbs Are No Longer Yours

Monologue from today’s Roderic Deane Show:

I must admit to each and every one of you that I’m a news junkie. I have been for quite some time, but I’m not interested in just any kind of news. I’m interested in news that informs me about another or continuing loss of liberty. I read an article on National Review Online, one of my regularly visited websites. The article by Stanley Kurtz caught my eye. It was titled “Burn Down the Suburbs” and it was posted on August 1st. After reading the article, I knew I had to devote a show to discuss it. I’ll be joined on the show again by Steel Braddock to help me lay all this out for you. Steel will join us in just a few minutes, but before he does, I want to play an audio clip for you. As luck would have it, Stanley Kurtz made an appearance on the Mark Levin Show on Friday, August 3rd, when Inga Barks was filling in for Mark.

But, before I get to the clip, I want to say howdy to my buddy Ivan. Ivan, are you with us today?

Getting back to the Mark Levin show clip, Inga Barks initially talked about the fiasco of high-speed rail in California, which is where she resides. That conversation led into a discussion with Stanley Kurtz, who just released a book titled “Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities”. Stanley Kurtz is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. He has written for many publications, including National Review, Policy Review, The Weekly Standard, and The Wall Street Journal. He has a Ph.D. in social anthropology from Harvard.

You can listen to the show HERE.


Here are some quick hits for two names discussed on today’s show:

Mike KruglikBuilding One America

Greg GaluzzoGamaliel Foundation


Here is an important passage from the Stanley Kurtz book “Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities”. This begins with a quote from Alexis de Tocqueville, who was a major influence on our Founding Fathers:

I strongly recommend you read the new Stanley Kurtz book.

Tax me, shmax me, you can’t convince me!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since the last show. That time has rocketed past, especially since I’ve been so busy with my regular J-O-B. I think I logged in around 110 hours of billable time. That’s great for the paycheck, but it definitely has taken a toll on my blogging and show prep. On top of those 110 hours you can add another 20 hours of commute time. That translates to 50 hours of time that I might have had to dedicate to this show and the blog, which is why I’ve had to go to an every-other-week schedule with this show.

There are a couple of things coming up that I’ve been looking forward to. First, I’ll be attending FreePac on Thursday, July 26th here in Dallas. Second, I’m looking forward to taking some much-needed vacation time. No, I’m not planning on going anywhere in particular, I just need a few days off before the summer is done for. I’ve got some travel plans for later in the year, so I’m saving up the rest of my vacation days for those trips.

A word about FreePac. This event will be held at the American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas and is being sponsored by Glenn Beck and FreedomWorks. In addition to Glenn Beck, some of the featured speakers include Ted Cruz, Richard Mourdock, Dana Loesch. There are a number of others scheduled and the speaker list continues to grow. I noticed that within the last week, they added Mike Lee, the strong, conservative Senator from Utah. We can expect to see Richard Mourdock from Indiana join him in the Senate in November and Ted Cruz keeps getting good polling news leading up to his run-off election against David Dewhurst for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator from Texas. If Ted clears that hurdle and it’s looking more and more likely every day, we can expect to have two strong, conservatives join Mike Lee in the Senate.

These two elections in Indiana and Texas are extremely important if we’re to have the chance to take control of the Senate and boot Dingy Harry Reid out of his leadership position. But that’s just part of the story. We needs strong conservatives in that governing body to push for full repeal of Obamatax, formerly known as Obamacare. The more we find out about this terrible bill, the worse it becomes and the Obama regime is moving full-speed ahead in its implementation, hoping to make it that much more difficult to unravel and eliminate ALL of it. Folks, this November’s election is just one step in the process of turning our country back toward its Constitutional roots and end this march toward socialism, which will have disastrous consequences on our individual liberties.

If you don’t do so already, I strongly encourage you to read Mark Levin’s latest book, “Ameritopia”. It’s provides some much-needed historical perspective to what motivated our Founders to establish the greatest country in the history of mankind. It breaks my heart to see what Obama and his leftist buddies in Washington are doing to us. If there was ever any question about the lack of patriotism being shown by Obama and his ilk, it’s now apparent in the extremely divisive rhetoric coming from his campaign. When and if Obama is thrown out of office, and I say “if” because there are no guarantees that Mitt Romney has the chops to do it, we have so much work to do.

I’ll be doing my part to promote rVotes during FreePac in the hopes of getting this important tool in the hands of the conservative grassroots. Not only will it put the Tea Party on par with the tools of the left, it will rip control from the hands of the GOPe, which all of the other voter canvassing software continues to empower. I spoke with Steve Adler, the inventor of rVotes on a previous show and have put together an introductory video of the software’s features on my blog. I encourage you to watch the video and contact me. I want to keep track of a list of interested people who are willing to help me get rVotes launched in both Texas and every other state in the Union. It only takes an upfront commitment of $100 for the first 300 people to get things started in each state. We desperately need to begin building data for the next election and future elections if we’re ever to have a chance to take back control of our governing institutions and rid them of the elitist mindset.

I’ll be talking more about rVotes in the coming weeks and months because I truly believe it is THAT important. And No, I am not being paid by rVotes. I only see its tremendous potential.

Today’s show is all about Obamatax, however. I’ve been doing some research into all the hidden taxes that are included in that 2,409 page monstrosity and I invited Steel Braddock back to the program to help me discuss it.

You can listen to the show HERE.