Ted Cruz to Receive Key Speaking Slot at GOP Convention

According to CNN:

Ted Cruz, who defeated an establishment backed candidate in last week’s Texas Republican Senate primary, will receive a key speaking slot at the Republican National Convention, a senior GOP official confirms to CNN.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus will put out a press release Wednesday announcing that Cruz and four other elected officials including Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuño and Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens will address the convention.

I’ll update this post when I know more.

Inside Cruz Day

I’ve had a chance to look at the complete results from yesterday’s runoff election in Texas for the Republican nomination to U.S. Senate. As Texans, we were bombarded with countless, negative Dewhurst ads during both the early voting period and the period between its end and election day. That 4 day period saw a phenomenal number of negative ads on radio and TV. But it wasn’t just the negative ads that were disgusting. Reports say that the Dewhurst campaign employed a Sarah Palin impersonator for robocalls, suggesting that Governor Palin was supporting David Dewhurst, a bald-faced lie. In addition, the Dewhurst campaign went to far as to suggest it had Tea Party support, which prompted an unprecedented rebuke from local Tea Party leaders.

Here’s what those deceptive tactics got Dewhurst. Look at Ted Cruz’s margin between early voting and election day.

Here is the letter from the Tea Party leaders.
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Ted Cruz Wins!

The AP has already called it and I’ve been celebrating the fact that Ted Cruz has won the run-off election for the GOP Senate race in Texas, but back to blogging.

Here are the results thus far, at 9:15pm CT:

It looks like the latest PPP poll was correct. Ted Cruz seems to have pulled off a 10 point victory. Notice the fact that Ted Cruz held a 5% margin during early voting, but extended that to 10% in the final results. That means that all the negative ads that Texas had to endure from Dewhurst since early voting ended didn’t amount to diddly squat! If anything, it hurt him!

I should add that this is a HUGE victory for the Tea Party!

Programming notes…

Yesterday, I attended the FreePac conference in downtown Dallas at the American Airlines Center. It was a good opportunity to listen to inspiring, conservative speeches and video some key speeches by Richard Mourdock, GOP candidate for U.S. Senate from Indiana, and Ted Cruz, who is less than four days away from his run-off election with David Dewhurst here in Texas.

I’m working on cleaning up the audio of those speeches and will play them for you during Sunday’s Roderic Deane Show, airing at Noon ET. In addition to that, I hope to combine video of Ted Cruz’s speech both at FreePac and The Woodlands appearance this evening with Governor Sarah Palin. My plans with that is to get the video posted by Sunday evening to be available before the run-off election on Tuesday, July 31st.

So much to do and so little time!

Governor Palin pushes for Ted Cruz

In a Facebook post from earlier today, Governor Sarah Palin reiterated her support for Ted Cruz, especially since early voting has begun.

Support Ted Cruz

Today early voting begins in the run-off election for U.S. Senate in Texas. Texans have a clear choice in this race, and I encourage them to support Ted Cruz, a strong conservative fighter who will protect and defend our Constitution and not just go along to get along with the reckless spending of the permanent political class in D.C. The high-paid consultants of Ted’s well-funded opponent are in full panic mode and have plunged millions of dollars into false personal attacks against Ted meant to dispirit us and break our conviction. We’ve all seen these tactics before, but together we can make sure they don’t succeed. I encourage Texans to get out and vote for Ted Cruz.

– Sarah Palin

P.S.: For those of you outside of Texas looking to support Ted you can do so by visiting his website here.

The run-off election is Tuesday, July 31st.

Hat tip: Conservatives4Palin