Gearing up for rVotes in Texas!

If you haven’t already heard, we’re putting on a major push to get rVotes deployed in Texas. We’re polishing the PowerPoints, getting in contact with advocacy and candidate organizations and taking names (in a good way)!

If you’re interested in joining our efforts, go to my rVotes page and send me a note. I’ll put you in contact with whomever you need to help bring rVotes to Texas, or whatever state you live in!

You can also connect with us through FreedomConnector, the networking tool created by FreedomWorks.

Ted Cruz Wins!

The AP has already called it and I’ve been celebrating the fact that Ted Cruz has won the run-off election for the GOP Senate race in Texas, but back to blogging.

Here are the results thus far, at 9:15pm CT:

It looks like the latest PPP poll was correct. Ted Cruz seems to have pulled off a 10 point victory. Notice the fact that Ted Cruz held a 5% margin during early voting, but extended that to 10% in the final results. That means that all the negative ads that Texas had to endure from Dewhurst since early voting ended didn’t amount to diddly squat! If anything, it hurt him!

I should add that this is a HUGE victory for the Tea Party!