What might a Palin executive branch look like?

We dwell on the candidate, but we need to look at her substance and history to discern a look at a Palin Executive branch.

What might it look like?

State – Sarah is a major advocate of Israel, as all freedom-loving Americans are. I would put John Bolton on the short list. His style and outspoken personality is a perfect fit for Sarah.

Defense – Sarah has always been a major supporter of our military. So, who would be the perfect person to champion Sarah’s belief in American exceptionalism and a strong military? David Patraeus, hands down.

Energy – Fuggetaboutit! I believe that Sarah will defund and dismantle this department.

Education – Major re-structuring will ensue. I’m not sure if Sarah will eliminate the department. She might pare it back to allow the states time to transition to a state governance. At any rate, the NEA is toast! Most likely candidate: Newt Gingrich.

Commerce – I can think of only one person that would be the absolute best to revamp this department: Herman Cain.

Agriculture – Fuggetaboutit. This department needs to be eliminated. We are not longer an agrarian society. We need someone who understands the importance of “hands-off” governance of our farm system. I would nominate Mitch Daniels.

Homeland Security – Toast! It now falls under the Department of Defense.

Health and Human Services – Fuggetaboutit! This department needs to be eliminated. I would propose a new department, Domestic Services. Someone needs to monitor the FDA and other branches of government that provide oversight to everything that affects ALL citizens of the United States. I would propose Rick Santorum.

Transportation – Hmmm, how should the federal government manage transportation in this country? In my mind, this department should be a committee of state representatives to coordinate issues that affect cross-state transportation. My nominee? Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford Motor Company.

Veterans’ Affairs – Gone! This needs to be a sub-group of Defense.

Treasury – I saved the best for last. Who would be the best candidate that Sarah Palin could nominate for this position? This position is the most important to effect any measure of a market-based economy. My choice? Arthur Laffer. He can turn the Treasury Department upside down and replace all the Keynesians with free-market advocates. Once done, he can return to academia and give the reins of his office to me. I will gladly follow his principles.

Okay, that’s it. What do you think?