Inside Cruz Day

I’ve had a chance to look at the complete results from yesterday’s runoff election in Texas for the Republican nomination to U.S. Senate. As Texans, we were bombarded with countless, negative Dewhurst ads during both the early voting period and the period between its end and election day. That 4 day period saw a phenomenal number of negative ads on radio and TV. But it wasn’t just the negative ads that were disgusting. Reports say that the Dewhurst campaign employed a Sarah Palin impersonator for robocalls, suggesting that Governor Palin was supporting David Dewhurst, a bald-faced lie. In addition, the Dewhurst campaign went to far as to suggest it had Tea Party support, which prompted an unprecedented rebuke from local Tea Party leaders.

Here’s what those deceptive tactics got Dewhurst. Look at Ted Cruz’s margin between early voting and election day.

Here is the letter from the Tea Party leaders.
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