Parsing the GOP candidates

It is what it is. We have an amalgam of personalities that are all desperately trying to posture themselves as the “conservative” GOP candidate. Why do they all seem to fall short?

I’ll get to my impressions of the candidates shortly. I’ve ordered the list based on current polling and NOT based on my opinion of their candidacies. This is the order that RealClearPolitics ranked the GOP candidates as of November 29, 2011:

1. Newt Gingrich – 23.8
2. Mitt Romney – 21.3
3. Herman Cain – 15.5
4. Rick Perry – 8.0
5. Ron Paul – 8.0
6. Michelle Bachmann – 4.8
7. Rick Santorum – 2.3
8. Ron Huntsman – 2.3

This is not intended to be an attack on any candidate, it is only my impressions of their potential as the chief executive of the United States of America.

1. Newt Gingrich – I like Newt. He impressed me when he crafted the “Contract with America” and was able to regain the House of Representatives for the GOP. I was very disappointed at his ridiculous attempt to make Bill Clinton “blink” over the budget shutdown. Clinton played him for a fool and the liberal media followed the Clinton line until a GOP capitulation. Gee, who would have that would happen?

Newt’s blind obsession with his policy acumen turned into a laughable exercise in plain-speak. Newt lost and Clinton won. I worry about his tendency to “get in the weeds” on policy during an election. That tendency will lose people that don’t follow politics but once every 4 years. Spare the electorate your policy details, they only want to hear sweeping, consistent statements. Save the policy details for your website.

More than anything, those “sweeping, consistent statements” should uplift the electorate and give them a glimpse into the principles that you stand for, not a recitation of section B.2.a.ii. of your budget plan.

2. Mitt Romney – I must say that I liked Mitt back in 2008. I have to add, however, that I was looking at ANYONE besides John McCain and Mike Huckabee. When Huckabee knee-capped Mitt and tossed his delegates to McCain, I was bewildered. I only came around to McCain when he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Unfortunately, the more I learn, the more I worry. How can you claim the mantle of a conservative when you can’t articulate a consistent belief from one minute to the next? I have real concerns about Mitt and worry about what path he’d take if elected. I want to support a principled individual that is able to articulate those principles in a concise, consistent manner.

3. Herman Cain – Businessman, self-made success, articulate in speaking to conservative ideals, yet an amateur in national politics. Governing is not the same as managing and the skill-set is different. You still need an ego, but your ego has to take a back seat to your sense of importance. You’re trying to convince people that you’re serving their interests, not convince them that your ego will prevail. We’ve all seen how far a big ego can get you in Washington, D.C. After all, you aren’t talking to a board-room full of people that were hired to support and oversee you. You’re talking to a host of Congressmen and Senators that want to take you and your agenda out! You’d better be able to articulate a position that your constituents demand and support. Your constituents are now your Board of Directors. Do them proud and bone up on the details. Your ego won’t overcome your lack of preparation.

4. Rick Perry – Governor of a conservative state, blessed with economic conditions that other states do not have and able to maintain a certain status quo. Perry’s situation in Texas reminds me an awful lot of Bill Clinton’s tenure in Washington. After Clinton had his hat handed to him due to Hillarycare, he chose to stand back. Since he had inherited the best economic conditions of any President in the history of our nation and to his credit, he did very little during rest of his term to derail those economic conditions. He just couldn’t stay out of his own socialist leanings, however, and accelerated the disaster that the Community Reinvestment Act would reek on our economy after he left.

Rick Perry’s in-state tuition grants for immigrants is his Hillarycare. The difference is that he’s not currently in the Oval Office, so he doesn’t have the ability to pivot from a bad policy to get a second chance. The American electorate is very forgiving if you keep the economy humming along. If Bill Clinton had to answer to Hillarycare during the election of 1992, he never would have been elected.

5. Ron Paul – A fringe candidate who appeals to a vocal swath of the electorate with his libertarian views. Unfortunately for Ron Paul, libertarians cannot win an election in a country where the majority of the electorate considers themselves to be conservative. In addition, conservatives view the United States as a force of good in the world. Paul’s tendencies toward isolationist policies don’t sit well with those that champion our armed forces for their sacrifice. We are not a country of wimps and we will not support a candidate that acts like a wimp.

6. Michelle Bachmann – A conservative firebrand that is saddled by her limited tenure in national politics. A sitting Representative from Congress has only won the Presidency once in our entire history and that was over 100 years ago. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

7-?? Still trying to gain traction. Good luck!

All in all, I’m about as unimpressed this year as I was in 2008.

The conservative base in the Republican Party is currently grasping at straws. They’ll hold their nose and vote, but I’m not sure they will do so in sufficient numbers to keep Obama from getting re-elected. In addition, I worry about short coat-tails. The GOP should be able to hold the House and capture the Senate, but they’ll need a good candidate at the top of the ticket to do it.

With all this uncertainty, you can be assured that we’ll see a 3rd-party candidate enter the race. Why not? They can’t do any worse than any other 3rd-party candidate in the past and if they have a good message, who know what might happen.

The only course for the current GOP field is to become a vocal advocate of reform, both sudden and relentless. There are legions of people that supported Sarah Palin’s message and continue to do so. In my mind, the front-runner of the GOP candidates better get their head out of their ass and recognize that her supporters are not going to support them just because they lead the pack. In addition, I fervently believe that they will need her support to win.

As Sarah Palin said herself, “The challenge is not simply to replace Obama in 2012, the real challenge is who and what we will replace him with.”

Money bomb needed for an upcoming, major event!

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So begins the unconventional campaign

Sarah said it would be an unconventional campaign. So be it!

Support Herman Cain. If he fizzles out, support Newt Gingrich. If Newt fizzles out, support Rick Santorum. If he fizzles out, support Michelle Bachmann, assuming she’s still in the race at the time.

The nomination is all about strategy. More importantly, if a nominee fizzles, who does he or she release his delegates to? This year, I suggest that no candidate should release his or her delegates to ANYONE before the convention. Make the convention’s delegates vote for you on the first ballot. When no one wins, throw your support to someone else who would better-represent the party. Let the wheeling and dealing begin!

If Cain, Perry and Romney are running neck and neck, so be it. Let the convention decide! There is absolutely nothing that requires a convention delegate to vote for someone that won a primary, after the first ballot. They could vote for the janitor of the convention hall if they wanted to.

To my reckoning, there will be a lot of Tea Party people at the convention as delegates. They are just now getting involved at the precinct and county levels. What better way to throw the ingrained bums out than as a duly-elected delegate to the convention? When the first ballot comes and goes, tell the party bosses to “go to hell” and vote your conscience!

After all, Abraham Lincoln was not the Republican Party’s first choice in 1860, winning instead on the third ballot. Why not put Sarah Palin’s name forward as a nominee? By the convention, she will probably have campaigned harder for conservative Republicans than the presidential frontrunners! As a consequence, she will probably have more “chits” in her favor than anyone else.

Why not go “all in” at that time? What would the delegates have to lose? In this way, the convention is forced to vote on the most conservative candidate. In my mind, it’s a win-win!

The only problem is: who conveys such a strategy to the nominees?

Sarah Palin, now unplugged!

If you think that Sarah has been a difference-maker thus far, just wait. I have a feeling that we’re about to witness one of the greatest individual performances in our country’s political history.

Sarah has already directed the debate in the GOP with her withering condemnation of both crony-capitalism and the elitist, political establishment. What more can she do as an unshackled leader?

Good Lord, your guess is as good as mine….but I’m certainly looking forward to it!

When up to your neck in alligators…

…don’t forget to drain the swamp!

It seems as though Sarah Palin is doing a good job draining the swamp, so to speak, by delaying her entry into the race.

Rick Perry now trails Mitt Romney and is tied or trailing Herman Cain.

Herman Cain has now pounced on the opportunity to race bait.

Michelle Bachmann is, um, what exactly is Michelle doing?

Chris Christie has now “officially” refrained from entering the fray, again. I put officially in quotes because you never now how persuasive Ann Coulter might be in the next few weeks.

As for the other candidates, they’re hoping they’ll get another chance at another national audience in a televised debate. It’s their only way to get any exposure.
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The bigger megaphone…

I would like to think that I can effect change with my blog and show. I will accept a small measure of success by knowing that more people than last week visited my blog site or listened to my show. I have a small megaphone called the Internet. It’s available to anyone and I’m just trying to use it in a way to maximize my influence.

I don’t have a history of conservative accomplishment, outside of my vote. I’ve been more interested in building a life for my wife and kids. My focus has only recently shifted to a higher calling. I’m only now attempting to lend my voice to the current debate and I’m working hard to catch up.

I have never held public office, interested instead in building my own fortune, however meager it may end up being. The bottom line is this: I did what I did to advance my place in life, doing so on my own terms and at my own pace. Unfortunately, that pace has now slowed to a crawl at no fault of my own. Continue reading

In the aftermath of a blockbuster Sunday show…

As I reflect back on the show from yesterday, I want to let you know what happened during the show and provide my observations of the aftermath. I have to tell you, it is absolutely maddening when something doesn’t go right during a live broadcast, which happened at the start of the show. Of all days to experience an issue, yesterday was not the day I wanted to deal with Murphy’s Law!

As I started the show and began my monologue, I could hear a repeat of what I was saying that followed with a ~10 second delay. At first, I worried that this feedback was being broadcast. I then reasoned that it couldn’t be, because my call-screener was not alerting me to anything wrong. Continue reading

Waiting for Sarah Palin

Monologue from today’s The Roderic Deane Show:

Sarah Palin told us all to keep our powder dry. Who on earth says that?

Well, no commander would tell their troops to keep their powder dry if he (or she) wasn’t intending to use that ammunition for a specific purpose. Despite our best intentions, we do not know what the commander’s plan is, nor should we. If we did, we could subject it to ruin.

Do you remember hearing about one of the public maxims during WWII? “Loose lips sink ships!” This was a reminder to everyone that they, too, had a responsibility for maintaining our security during the war. Such is the reason we trust in our commanders. Continue reading