I Won’t Drink the Kool-Aid!

I spent a considerable amount of time last night watching various videos of speeches I missed during the GOP Convention. After sleeping on it and spending more time today looking at various reactions and observations in the blogosphere, my thoughts became clear. Perhaps I missed it, but I can’t recall hearing one single mention of the Tea Party or Sarah Palin during the convention.

Something else pulled me back from the brink and it was this post by Mark America, “Turn Out The Lights: The Grand Old Party Is Over”. Mark takes a very principled stand and explains why he won’t be voting for Mitt Romney this November, in light of the power grab by John Boehner and the GOPe during the Rules Committee fiasco.

I also listened to Mark Levin’s show from yesterday as a podcast, not being able to hear it live. The Great One spent a considerable amount of time trying to examine the possible meaning behind the dramatic fall-off of viewership for the GOP Convention, compared to 2008.

To help balance the low viewership totals, Breitbart.com has some good news.

According to new research released today by Rasmussen, more voters identify themselves as Republican than ever in the last 8 years. More importantly, by a 4 point margin, more voters identify as GOP than Democrat. This is the largest spread between the parties ever. Worse for Democrats, the number of voters who identify with their party is also approaching an historic low.

One of my thoughts in listening to Mark Levin’s show is that voters have already made up their minds about who they’re going to vote for and watching the GOP Convention wasn’t going to change that. The convention was never going to change my mind, but it did give me pause when the rules fight occurred. I’m not going to drink the Kool-Aid and march in lock-step with a Romney administration, although it goes without saying that ABO would be much better for our country. We just have to remain vigilant and, assuming Romney does gain the White House, continue to hold the GOPe’s feet to the fire.