Full disclosure needed

I’m starting to get a very uneasy feeling. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was feeling uneasy before the mid-term elections, but now it’s different. Why is it that every single time a news network shows a clip of Obama speaking, he’s (presumably) standing before a teleprompter? And every single time he’s not (presumably) standing before a teleprompter, he’s sitting in a chair talking to someone from the LSM’s news magazines or early shows, with the lighting maximized for dramatic effect?

I think we need to demand a new disclosure requirement for all Obama’s “interviews” and “speeches”. There should be a requirement that, below the presented video of his speech or interview, a rolling disclaimer says something along the lines of: “The President is currently delivering his speech via teleprompter” or “This interview is being conducted after providing the President with all questions in advance. This tape has been edited to enable the President to provide clarity to his answers, eliminating any excess verbiage which does not conform to the context of his intended answer”.

After all, we know that this guy is hell-bent on destroying the country as we know it, right?. Why not provide a little bit of context to let the viewer know that he is delivering a prepared speech that was written by lawyers. His teleprompter speeches are obviously designed to say one thing and mean another, providing him with rhetorical cover if anyone should ask him about it later. The interviews seldom show unscripted moments unless those moments are benign interludes that highlight his “human side”. What about all the tape on the editing room floor, figuratively speaking of course? You know there has to be plenty of “gotcha” moments available that are dispensed to the trash bin, by agreement with Obama, of course.

The very least that an interviewer could do is say that 30 minutes of tape were edited down to 5 minutes. Who knows, maybe we should enlist the Wikileaks guys to sweeten the pot for all those digital editors employed by the LSM. I’d love to see candid video of President Obama in an unscripted moment. Wouldn’t you?

Time for the Wikileaker to meet the Grim Reaper

I am totally amazed that this Wikileaks guy is still walking around in daylight. With all the resources this country has in its arsenal, surely we have some very good James Bond types, no?

Prior to his latest leaks, he released a video that purported to show civilians (and some subversive press members) cavorting around the streets in Iraq with guns. The video surveillance goes up the chain of command and, ultimately, it was determined that these people posed a threat to an approaching American military unit. Consequently, they take them all out in a hail of gunfire from a nearby helicopter. The lesson to press people: don’t pal around with terrorists in a war zone. Simple procedure in wartime, right?

So now this guy threatens to release all these diplomatic cables that will both embarrass and endanger countless State Department personnel and their sources. What does the Whitehouse tell him? Please don’t. What does the Wikileaker do? He releases them anyway. We should have seen it coming and planned accordingly.

We already have the source of the leaks in solitary confinement. We must have known the breadth of the material that was compromised. So why was this guy still walking around the streets?

He went underground, you say? I say bullshit. We’ve had months since his video release to figure out where he was. It should have been a simple matter for our intelligence forces to find him and spirit him off to some appropriate dungeon, complete with a functioning water-board. The guy would have been pleading for his life within minutes and, no doubt, given our intelligence people the means to curtail his efforts regarding Wikileaks.

I believe that the current administration was complicit in the leaks. What other answer is there? It’s not like this guy was a some faceless enemy hiding in a cave in Afghanistan. His picture has been plastered all over the place for the last year or so. We either didn’t want to stop him or were completely inept in our efforts to stop him. I don’t believe for a second that we couldn’t stop him any more than I believe that the Grim Reaper can’t stop him. It’s just a matter of timing and competence.