As the Rope Swung….

I might be pushing a metaphor beyond its intent, but after watching this video, I’m not so sure.

My thoughts go to an event when I was in college. There was a bridge in rural Indiana that was said to have been used to hang criminals. I took a “date” to this spot in the dark of night and pulled my car onto the middle of the bridge, stopped, and turned off the engine. I told her “If you listen real hard, it’s been said that you can hear the criminal swinging at the end of the noose.” That was the legend.

As incredible as it may sound, I happened to push in on the clutch and heard a squeak. Not one to miss an opportunity, I continued to push the clutch pedal in and out, recreating the sound of something swinging from the metal infrastructure of the bridge, in the silence of the night. Needless to say, my date was horrified to think that the legend was true! She implored me to leave immediately, not wanting to experience anything further. I obliged, retreating to the friendly confines of our home neighborhood. Reassurance and necking ensued, but that’s another story….
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