A Simple Inquiry into Motive

On my show last Sunday, I talked about a number of GOP Congressmen that have been in office for a LONG time. My concern was and is this: How do you consider yourself a conservative and yet have a career of 20+ years in Washington, D.C.?

I went out the the Congressional website and found some interesting links.

Financial disclosure reports: http://clerk.house.gov/public_disc/financial.aspx

Here is my synopsis of the GOP seniority in the U.S. House of Representatives:

GOP Seniority

(Seniority List: http://clerk.house.gov/member_info/seniority-112.pdf)

Now, to put this in perspective, an 11-year term translates to 20+ years in Congress. A 21-year term translates to 40+ years in Congress. I’m sorry, but do you think something’s odd?

My concern is whether or not these GOP Congressmen have been profiting off their tenure in Washington, D.C. Maybe they’re truly representing their districts, in which case they should be applauded.

Call me cynical, however. How could a self-professed conservative pursue a 20+ year term in Congress? That just doesn’t compute with me. Does it for you?