William L. Garvin: Wild Jokers Playing Race Cards

Wild Jokers

First the police in Sanford investigated the shooting and declined to make an arrest. Then the local district attorney declined to prosecute based on the evidence. Then the leviathan of government oppression arose. First, President Obama, who infamously noted the Cambridge cops “acted stupidly” when he admitted he didn’t know the facts, opined that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin. From that point forward, George Zimmerman was dealt joker after joker after joker and they were all playing the race card.

Racing to the scene and the best camera angle were Uncle Al and JJ, spewing their tired old 1960 polemics. Apparently the mainstream media think they are still relevant. Of course, it helps when Uncle Al has an ongoing gig at MSNBC where he can cover and comment on the very marches and rallies he is promoting. Whenever he enters a situation, it almost always deteriorates. Apparently, Eric “nation of cowards” Holder didn’t feel too comfortable with his “leadership,” so he dispatched the Department of Justice “Community Relations Service” to help Uncle Al organize anti-Zimmerman rallies.

The New Black Panther Party, which would be the poster child for racism if they weren’t black, put out “Wanted Dead or Alive” posters on Zimmerman and offered a bounty of $10,000. Spike Lee tried to tweet out the address of Zimmerman and his family. Unfortunately, as usual, he got it wrong…the address belonged to the McClain’s, a couple in their seventies, who had to leave their home because they were living in fear. Local Sanford politicos wanted an immediate arrest and when the police chief said he still did not have probable cause, they relieved him of duty and then fired him. Enter the state attorney who decided she did not need to submit the evidence to the grand jury, ignored that already established protocol, and filed charges herself. One of her employees revealed that she was withholding evidence from the Zimmerman defense team and he was subsequently fired despite his outstanding performance evaluations. During this time, the FBI was simultaneously conducting an investigation regarding racism and found nothing in nearly forty interviews.

Then the state attorney sent two of her top guns to prosecute George Zimmerman and attempt to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. As they prosecuted their case, it became increasingly clear that they had little to offer in terms of proof of manslaughter, let alone murder. Unfortunately for them, many of their witnesses bolstered the defendant’s claim of self defense. Despite their professional presentation of what little they had, the jury saw they didn’t have the necessary evidence and acquitted the defendant. David prevailed against political Goliath.

In a post-verdict interview, the lead prosecutor called Zimmerman a “coward” for exercising his constitutional rights. This is preposterous and absolutely shameful. The state attorney in a one-word answer to an interviewer called him a “murderer.” For officers of the court to behave in this fashion is a travesty. Naturally the NAACP was “outraged” as this is their stock in trade. Naturally the New Black Panthers continued to foam at the mouth. “Anything less than death for George Zimmerman is not justice,” said their Florida “Chief of Staff.” Naturally Jesse saw Martin as a “martyr” and “he represents all of us.” Predictably, he is wrong on both counts. The Martin family attorney made inappropriate comparisons to Emmett Till and Medgar Evers. Twitter world was filled with its usual Hollywood liberal angst that was quickly joined by other entertainment figures. Naturally there were the usual misogynistic curses directed at the jury complemented by numerous death threats, threats of sexual abuse and mixed in charges of white supremacy. Naturally there was no discussion of the evidence or the rule of law. The odds are pretty good that they didn’t even watch the trial. It was an infantile outpouring of invective reminiscent of an undisciplined baby who wasn’t getting its way.

Then of course there were the “mostly peaceful” protests with a little bit of flag burning, window breaking, fire starting, police car smashing and a few assaults to advance the cause of civility and logically state the validity of their positions. Do they know that Zimmerman is a registered Democrat, tutored black children, had a black business partner, and confronted the local police department about a beating of a homeless black man? But they are right about one thing—there is a war against young black men but it’s being waged by other young black men…not whites, Hispanics or even white Hispanics. The jokers won’t admit that has always been the wild card in their racial-hype card game.